Thursday, September 23, 2010

Musings from a 26 year old...

A few months ago I turned 26...yes, I know that is still "young" but I mean, I kinda had a hard time of it.  I have lived my not-so-long adult life thinking, "when I turn 25, I'll have reached the proverbial top!"

well........that was a croc of you know what...

Let's be honest, growing up you always heard people say "Ugh, look at that 25 year old!"  or "Whoa, look at that 25 year old!" or "What I wouldn't give to be 25 again!"  So, there had to have been something about being 25 that made people either hate you, love you, or want to be you, right?  I mean, that's what I always thought.  But it seemed that when I got there it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

This is something that I have been pondering for a while and have wondered why your mother, grandmother or aunts don't warn you about this confusing and crazy time of your life.  You get out of college, which was the greatest time EVER, and are thrown into a complete life change--or I was.  You have hormones that are changing your body, some good, some VERY bad.  You have people counting on you that you never really had before.  AND, to top it all off ...YOU are stuck with the bill at the end of the day?  What?  This grown-up stuff is for the birds!

So, when 26 hit, I kinda freaked! I mean, I still had so much more living to do as a 25 year old.  I wasn't ready to be in my late twenties!  That's dangerously close to 30..and I am definitely not grown-up enough for that!

After the initial shock of the 'late twenties' title wore off, I found that as time wears on, 26 isn't so bad.  After all, I am still IN my twenties and now the only things I latch on to people saying are, "ugh, that tewnty-something!" or "Wow, would ya look at those twenty-somethings!"  I am finding ways to cope with the hormonal changes.  I am handling people counting on me with tiny little snippets of grace hear and there.  And, I luckily have a husband that handles the bill at the end of the day!  Thank God! (money really isn't my strong suit)

And although I am not in college anymore or letting my parents deal with my issues, I must remeber that I am not about to die, nor do I have to stop ingesting things that are "bad" for me either.  I am only 26 years old, damn it, and I still have a TON of living to do!

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